Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Prophetic Word From Hilda

Prophetess hilda arredondo

New Year Message For 2013--Part 3, 4

We are starting a brand new year in 2013.  I feel that my God has shown me that the beginning of very hard times are coming to America and the world and are now upon us.  These hard times will come with an economy which will not be prosperous like it used to be and has gradually worsened since 2008. By 2018 the economy as we have known it will totally collapse.  You can be sure that the one world government will have something for us Christians that will not be for us.  Weather judgments will continue bringing destruction upon destruction.  Yet, the believers are still upon the earth and the Lord Jesus will continue to be with us and take care of us.  He will provide, and the wealth of the wicked will be laid up for the just.  Some of us have been in the "Processes of Time" prepared for this season which is now upon us.  God has been preparing vessels of honor. “And it came to pass in the process of time, that the king of Egypt died:  and the children of Israel sighed by reason of the bondage, and they cried, and their cry came up unto God by reason of the bondage.” Exodus 2:23.  Things come to pass in the lives of true Christians  for special purposes.  In the processes of time they will bring forth fruit. Sometimes, this is hard for us Christians to hear, especially those of us who have received goodly words and prophecies in the past.  At times we have grown weary and wondered if those words were even from the Lord. 
Today, the Lord wants to say to you, IN THE PROCESS OF TIME!  Time has a process and those goodly words will come to pass, but it is in the PROCESSES of HIS TIME.  God’s time is not our time. You can be sure that those goodly words from the Lord will come to pass.  Our Lord is not a God that lies, neither the son of man that He should repent, but has He said it and will He not do it or has He spoken it and shall He not make it good? It was during the PROCESS OF TIME that the king of Egypt died.  Beloved, some things have to die in our lives.  I mean die to the point that Egypt cannot be resurrected and this happens only in the due PROCESSES OF TIME.  Our God wants to be absolutely sure that those things or areas of the past are dead and will not resurrect.  Those of us who have yielded to the Holy Spirit and allowed Him to work in our lives, causing those things to die over the PROCESSES OF TIME (years) will be REMEMBERED and rewarded in this new season. 

From 1980 to 2003 my call of ministry required, among other things, that I give up a beautiful home that He had blessed me with.  A house is very important to us women here in America.  For years we lived in smaller reduced quarters, slept on the floor, and many times, our vehicle was the only place to lay our heads.  For years we lived this way and forgot what it felt like to live in a house.  Then years later we lived in nice homes, but still "rentals" nothing that we owned.  The Lord kept us over those PROCESSES OF TIME, and we were never a burden to the body of Christ as we faithfully continued to labor hard in the ministry of prayer for revival for America.  Through this “death” to material things and attachments, the desire for “things” died. Then in 2003, after the Lord was sure that Egypt could not be resurrected to interfere with my "Call of Prayer" and labor in the kingdom, God REMEMBERED and He blessed me with a beautiful home.  A home that does not have me, but rather, the Lord has my heart!

What else can we expect this new year?  This is the year that our God will REMEMBER and rescue His people from their bondages, just as the scripture says in Exodus 2:23 “…and they cried, and their cry came up unto God by reason of the bondage.”  He will manifest His presence this new season as the GOD of RESCUE.  He has heard our cry and our cry has come unto God by reason of our bondage.  There used to be an old secular song in the world titled, “Johnny to the Rescue”, but the God of heaven sent someone greater 2000 years ago. Today, we know Him as a new song “Jesus to the Rescue”. God has heard your groaning in the midst of your bondage. He has heard the deep cry of your soul.  The bondage to nicotine, pornography, alcohol, drugs, lust, gluttony or the yoke to a job that keeps you from serving God will be broken off you and you will be set free!  He will rescue you out of the deep troubles (sickness, troubled marriage & children) you are facing right now.  Some pastors have labored in the kingdom without any help till they thought they would drop physically. “Pastor, God is sending someone to your rescue.  He is going to send someone with a strong back to help you with the work load, someone of His choosing and your load will get lighter.” “And God heard their groaning, and God REMEMBERED his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob.  And God looked upon the children of Israel, and God had respect unto them.” Exodus 2:24-25.  The set time came for the children of Israel to be rescued and the “set time” has come for your rescue!  This is also the year that God will REMEMBER your good deeds of the past and His covenant with you.  Many of you have done much good towards others, laying down your life, helping and supporting them.  It seemed that your good deeds were forgotten, but 2013 is the year that God will REMEMBER and begin to reward YOU for those good deeds!  The word of God tells us not to be weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. (Galatians 6:9) 

Quite a few years back we had stood in prayer with a brother and sister in the Lord.  She was battling the spirit of death with kidney failure.  She was a young Christian woman with a good husband and two small children.  National Divine Connection, along with other ministries, prayed with her.  When she would stop in for prayer, sometimes she could barely walk.  Her legs were swollen with water retention and would be twice the normal size.  Her skin appeared to be peeling off in chunks because of the poisons and toxins that her body was retaining.  It looked like a sad and hopeless case as far as the earthly physicians were concerned.  But this woman got a hold of the horns of the altar of prayer and asked us to pray with her.  As you can guess, God healed her in His mercy.  Through this trial of their faith, the family and husband GREW closer to Jesus!  Right before the battle became intense, the husband (who was a policeman in our city at that time) had a better job offer, and the family moved to a nearby town.   

One evening, while working late in the ministry, suddenly, there was an unexpected knock on the door.  A policeman from our city had come with a message for us to call the police station in a nearby town.  To our surprise, it was the husband whose wife God had spared through the prayers of others and our ministry. In the early 90’s, four (4) of our granddaughters decided to go live with their father.  As it turns out, there were some domestic problems in the home where our granddaughters were staying, unknown to us.  The authorities were called to that home to investigate the matter. Our granddaughters’ father had been taken to jail and their step-mother was leaving these four little girls from the ages of 7-15 alone in the home.  The Social Services had been called, and the policeman investigating the matter, overheard the little girls say that they needed to call their grandparents, Jose and Hilda Arredondo.  Immediately, the policeman said “Hold it; I know the Arredondos well.  They are good people. Let’s try to get in touch with them to come and pick up these little girls.”  This policeman gave us a chance to come and get our granddaughters, keeping them out of the hands of Social Services.   Who but God, after so many years, would send a policeman who knew us personally, one that we had stood with in his time of trouble!  Church, this was “Jesus to the Rescue” for those little girls.  We had sowed good seeds of love and prayer over the years and in our time of trouble, the Lord saw fit to hand-pick a policeman that would move on our behalf.  The God of Heaven came to our rescue and those precious girls were put into our custody that very night! GOD REWARDED OUR GOOD DEEDS.  To God be the Glory! “Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion:  for the time to favour her, yea, the set time, is come.” Psalm 102:13

God will favor His people this new season.  It is the set time—the set time is here—set time is His time and no one can stop what He is about to do in your life.  This is the year of God’s favor.  God’s people will find favor with all men. A few days later, after the little girls were settled, we received a frantic call from the parent who was in jail.  The judge had sentenced him to twenty-three (23) days in jail and he had a total of five (5) little children to support.  He had recently started a good job and if he didn’t report for work in a few days, he was going to lose that good job.  This man had broken the law in the past and now “his past” had caught up with him!  He was willing to pay his dues to the courts and needed to work to support his little children.  He was desperate as we talked to him over the phone. 

After talking with him we immediately made some phone calls and the Lord’s leading was evident.  The Holy Spirit said, “Go see the judge and you will find favor”.  Now this was a Friday and to see the judge, who many times judges dozens of cases weekly, appeared to be an impossibility.  Yet, we obeyed and went to his office, praying all the way that we would find favor as that man’s advocate.  Upon entering the judge’s office, we expected to speak to a secretary, but she was not at her post. My husband called out, “Is anyone here”?  No one answered, but guess who came walking through the door: “The Honorable Judge”.  He said, “How can I help you”?  Jose looked at the judge, smiled and said, “I need a miracle, Judge; not for myself”, and proceeded to tell him the story about the man with the five little children.  The judge said, “Come with me, and we will see what we can do to help you”. To make a long testimony short, by 7:00 p.m. that evening, that man was released from jail, sitting in our car and rejoicing in what the Lord Jesus had done for him.  To God Be the Glory.  Since that time, all has worked out and the children were back in good care with their father.   I want to say to you, this is the year of Jesus to the Rescue!  He will come to your aid and deliver you out of your trouble! Blessings continue in 2013 “He brought them forth also with silver and gold:  and there was not one feeble person among their tribes. Egypt was glad when they departed: for the fear of them fell upon them. He spread a cloud for a covering; and fire to give light in the night. For he REMEMBERED his holy promise, and Abraham his servant. And he brought forth his people with joy, and his chosen with gladness:  And gave them the lands of the heathen:  and they inherited the labour of the people; That they might observe his statutes, and keep his laws. Praise ye the Lord.” Psalms 105:37-39 & 42-45. 

This is the year that God will REMEMBER His holy promises to His people and you will see His Word to you come to pass.  As I said before, there will be no question about those who are His!  To those who have not had houses, He will give them houses. To those who have not had lands, He will give them lands.  This year, we will begin to see the wealth of the wicked, which is laid up for the just, begin to come into the hands of the “just”, His people.  We will see that He has not brought us out to leave us, but rather, TO BRING US IN!  This is the year that God’s chosen people will enter into their promised land with its blessings. 

Years ago, my husband and I were driving home from a nearby town.  We decided not to take the highway; instead we took the back roads so we could enjoy the beautiful countryside scenery.  While driving, we were singing songs to the Lord, praising Him for His goodness and basking in His presence.  Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a quick glimpse of brilliant rays of color.  I turned my head and to my surprise, the most vibrant colorful rainbow I had ever seen was before me.  It appeared to be so close that I could have run right out into that field, touched it, and stood in the midst of it.  If it had not been for a high wire fence that was in the way, I might have tried it!  We stopped the car, got out, stood there for a moment and looked at it in such “awe”. It was the most perfect ark that we had ever seen!  The presence of the Lord was so great we began to weep. Suddenly, right before our eyes, a second rainbow began to form above it, making a double rainbow!  And the Holy Spirit said, “Tell My People I Will Judge Wickedness In America, But I Will Not Forget My Promises To My People. Just As I Provided An Ark Of Safety For Noah In His Time, I Will Provide Places Of Safety For My People In These End Times.  I Will Not Forget My Promises To My People And Will Reward Their Faithfulness.  The World Will Know Those Who Are Mine And I Will Be With Them Till The End Of Time.  I Will Not Put Them To Shame But Will Give Them Double For Their Trouble, For This Is The Season Of Double Portion Of Rewards And Blessings To The Righteous And Double Portion Of Judgment To The Wicked.”  In His love and service, Prophetess hilda arredondo

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