Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Prophetic Word From Hilda: "The Secrets Of Prayer"

hilda arredondo
Dearest Ministry friends, In the book of James 5:16 it reads, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”  A praying person who prays righteously is a powerful prayer individual.  When he or she prays their prayers will be answered. What is their secret?  They are compassionate and holy people, not involved in dirty talk or unclean thoughts.  They are honest and not habitual liars.  They pray and their thoughts are constantly on Jesus and the Word of God.  To pray righteously also means to pray according to the will of God.  A few days back our prayer line rang and a grandmother needed prayer for her grandbaby who was screaming because of a terrible and painful earache.  I could not get that baby and his severe pain out of my mind. After I hung up the phone.  The phone rang again and it was someone with a need and we prayed for her need.  Now I know this sister well and requested her prayer agreement for the baby with the earache.  While praying I knew we had touched heaven for that baby. A short time later I called to see how the baby was doing? He was happy and quiet!! To God be the Glory!!  

You see it was God’s will to heal that child, but it also  needed prayer agreement from two people who could really feel and identify with compassion; the pain and agony of this baby and we both did! It was God’s will to give him the peace he needed. In Matthew 18:19 it reads, “Again I say unto you, that if any two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done of my father which is in heaven.” Then there was the sister who was praying for a financial need,--a sincere desperate need! While I prayed for a few days about that financial need—I heard the Holy Spirit say, “it is done!” Checking with her sometime later she shared with me that her financial need was met.  To God be the Glory!  

Well, meaning people ask me is that all I aspire to do in life? Do I ever want to do anything else other than PRAYER? My answer is:  “I started out with PRAYER and I will finish my course with PRAYER.” I am now 75 years old, my God has blessed me so much in doing this work of prayer for the nation and others. Now, I am about to finish my large prayer room and will have a big prayer meeting soon.  I pray that many of you will come to visit me. Praying righteously is very important but also praying wrongly can be very disastrous.  When you pray wrongly you bring Satan into the picture causing evil things to happen that are not God’s will and will only cause problems for those being prayed for. 

Sometime back this woman said I believe you are in the wrong ministry—prayer is not the right ministry for you—she just knew that me and my family were called to have a business.  I should have told her at the time to leave it alone and let God work His WILL totally in our lives, but I didn’t.  We then began to have a lot of trouble in the ministry. I felt as if I were bound up and couldn’t move. After much prayer and crying out to God we realized that some evil prayer was prayed for us to get out of ministry—this is called witchcraft praying--done by witchcraft or psychic force—it  is evil.  There are so many good people deceived through this kind of evil praying. 
Another time, many years ago, I was working with another sister and somebody came along and was also looking for a job but there was no opening.  Within 36 hours she was standing in the job that, that sister had.  The good sister got such a terrible pain that she had to go home and could not come back to work.  That evil prayer of covetousness caused those terrible problems for that sister.  Her prayer should have been, “Jesus I need a job and would like to have one like this sister has.  God would have honored her prayer and helped her without hurting this precious sister. Surely she had prayed an evil witchcraft prayer.  My heart goes out to Pastor’s vessels of God that stand in front of their congregations and say, “The Holy Spirit has spoken to my heart to start this ministry in our church.” Many times those sitting there say in their hearts, “No that is not God and there they go with their evil prayers to stop it!”  Some visions never get off the ground because the witches and warlocks in their churches are responsible.  May our God forgive us for being part of such prayers. Let us start praying good prayers, victorious prayers and let the outcome be God’s heart and His victory. Let us put away the controlling prayers.  To God be the Glory!  In his love and service, hilda arredondo

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2 Chronicles 7:14

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