Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Prophetic Word From Hilda:

"The Dangerous South Wind"
"And when the south wind blew softly, supposing that they had obtained their purpose, loosing thence, they sailed close by Crete.” Acts 27:13 The South wind is a wind that blows softly with a gently, intoxicating breeze and feels very gratifying to the individual, giving a feeling of tranquility. The word tranquil means calm, quiet, still and serene. Therefore, we can safely say that the South wind can put us into a tranquil state, which is a good feeling of peace, but sometimes it can also be very dangerous and misleading! Dangerous, because we can become so calm, still and quiet, putting us into a state of “Soul Sleep”, misleading, because unexpectedly we can be caught off guard as the storms of life hit suddenly, with strong and heavy winds catching us unprepared. In this chapter of Acts 27, Paul warned the centurion to be careful, that he was not discerning the season or the signs of the times. It was not the time to venture out, but rather to ‘stay put” where they were. “And said unto them, Sirs, I perceive that this voyage will be with hurt and much damage, not only of the lading and ship, but also of our lives. Nevertheless the centurion believed the master and the owner of the ship, more than those things which were spoken by Paul.” Acts 27:10-11. Today, we are living in Perilous Times, and the Season of Judgment is Upon Us. Our Peace and Safety is gone in America and now “Peace and Safety” is only a Blessing of yesterday to be remembered. Things will only get worse in the days to come. Just as in the book of Acts 27, where the centurion believed the master and owner of the ship more than those things which were spoken by Paul, we are also in the same boat today. It is hard to heed the voices of “WARNING” or even acknowledge them, especially when the "South Wind Of Tranquility” is blowing on the Church and our Nation.
Just recently, there was a sniper on the rampage on the Northeast Coast of America. The sniper can be compared to the “Hunter.” There are hunting seasons in the natural. For instance, the deer season is the season when the deer hunter is given a license to hunt his game with his slaughter weapon—a high-powered rifle. When the deer-hunting season is in effect, you can legally kill a deer any time, but if you kill that deer out of season you will get a stiff fine if caught. Why? Because your hunting is out of season; therefore, there are legal seasons to hunt game. At present, America is in the Season of the “Hunter—the Death Angel Judgment” is surely upon us and the man with the slaughter weapon is on the loose!
Just as a deer hunter scopes out his game and shoots to kill, so is the “Death Angel Hunter” doing the same today. For the past 10 years or more, I have declared an unpopular prophetic message of the “Death Angel Judgment” coming to America. It is the man with a slaughter weapon—the “Hunter” who is coming and he has a license to hunt and kill those not under the blood. Why? Because we have Broken Covenant with a Mighty God and rejected His Holy Commandments which is a very dangerous act of disobedience against the Holy One. The Blood of the Innocent, Crime, and Murder being spilled "DAILY" and our Country is "Crying Out" from the ground. After twenty-nine (29) years of shedding innocent blood with no repentance, America is now under a very serious curse. On January 29, 2002, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “I’m going to show you some things about the upcoming judgments.” The first thing He reminded me was that it was the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. It was exactly twenty-nine (29) years this past January. He said, “I’ve given America twenty-nine (29) years to repent of this abomination of abortion and she has refused. Also, that day the K-Marts filed Chapter 11. The number twenty-nine (29) means departure among other meanings. He said, “Declare for Me that I’m departing from this nation and taking My blessing and protection with Me if America doesn’t turn around from her murderous ways.” The sum of twenty-nine (29) is eleven (11). Eleven (11) is a number that signifies “judgment” as was the 911 twin tower judgments. Nine plus 1 plus 1 is eleven. The K-marts represent some of the biggest stores and consumer business of America. K is the eleventh letter of the alphabet. They went Chapter 11 on the anniversary of Roe verses Wade, January 29, 2002, which speaks very loudly about the "Judgment Of Our Economy" because of our Shedding Innocent Blood. The Holy Spirit said, “Declare again, that when My presence departs from this nation I’m taking My blessing with Me and that includes the material wealth of this nation. Big business is on its way down and the American merchants will no longer prosper because they have forsaken Me. I Will Not Bless America with Wealth Anymore.”
In Martin Weiss’ Safe Money Report, it reads, “Major Bank stocks down by as much as 60%! About to fall another 50%! Failures loom. On May 23, 2002, the common shares of J.P. Morgan Chase were selling for $38.66 a share. By October 9, they had plunged to $15.26 per share. Precisely 60.5% of the bank’s market cap—46 billion—was wiped out. That’s more than the total market value of Wachovia Bank…and more than the combined total losses investors suffered in the bankruptcy of Adelphia Communication, K-mart, and Polaroid! All in one bank! All in just 139 days! Hard to believe isn’t it? J.P. Morgan Chase—the second largest bank in the United States…with 742 billion in total assets…900 branches…over 30 million retail customers! And there it was, losing nearly two-thirds of its total market value in less than five months.” Church, America is headed towards a Euroclydon Wind of Economic Disaster. Along with the Economic Wind of Judgment comes the “Hunter with the Death Angel Judgment.” Many times, over the years, the Lord has had me declare in this publication of the Silver Trumpet and also stand in front of our congregation and say that we had to pray because the “Hunter” with the slaughter weapon was being loosed upon our nation. He is coming, declaring the “Death Angel Judgment”—with his license issued by the courts of heavenly justice marked, “The hunter with the slaughter weapon is your judgment for shedding innocent blood.”
The Church has to be careful, especially those congregations not walking in holiness, allowing holes in the hedge of their churches opening the door for the judgment to come in with death and destruction. I said to the warriors, “Be careful where you go, who you keep company with, and cover yourselves with the Blood of Jesus and don’t play around with your salvation. We are living in Dangerous and Perilous Times of Judgment. Don’t scoff at "His Prophetic Warnings" through His Servants.” Not long after I made that statement, the Holy Spirit said, “I will show you shortly that the Death Angel Judgment is real.” Several months passed and one day I had to make a quick trip to a local jail to see about a brother who was in trouble with the authorities and needed encouragement and help. While waiting in the lobby for my turn, a very friendly young man about in his 20’s began to share with me that he was looking for a job. He told me where he used to work, and I suddenly remembered and exclaimed, “My son-in-law, works there.” He said, “Oh I know him, he is a very nice man, who shared Jesus with me, and told me how important it is to know Him. He said he would pray for me and I’m glad he did!” The young man proceeded to tell me that he was shot by a drive by shooter and almost died. He pulled up his T-shirt and showed my husband and me the scars left by the bullets on his stomach. His girlfriend, who was standing in the motel lobby with him, also was hit by the drive by shooter’s bullets. God immediately spoke to me by the Holy Spirit and said, “The Hunter, With The Death Angel Judgment License Is On The Rampage—The Man With The Slaughter Weapon.” Oh, Prayer Warrior It Is The Season of Open Game Upon America Because Of Her Sin Of Shedding the Blood of the Innocent, Crime, Murder and now the Sodomite Invasion is upon us, which eventually will bring Total Destruction To This Nation If She Doesn’t Repent. The East Coast Sniper can be compared to the “Death Angel Hunter.” Just as the deer hunter scopes the deer and sits, waiting in the shadows and suddenly and unexpectedly shoots at his target, so is the “Hunter” with the slaughter weapon who is carrying the death angel license to smite those not found under the Blood of Jesus Christ. The hunter can strike at anytime, anywhere. Our only Protection is the Blood of Jesus. You see many people are confused on what is happening to America today.
Why all these disasters? He said, “You see, My people nor America discerns the season of judgment. Since only My blessings are taught, preached, and talked about in most of the pulpits of America, My people have the idea that I’m just their blessing buddy. I’m angry at this attitude and My leaders who have not taught my people a balanced message of righteousness. A balanced message of righteousness will include judgment and truth that convicts to put away sin. That’s why people have no fear to sin against Me and why your nation has become so sinful and corrupt, dishonest and full of hypocrisy.” Today, America can be compared to the ship of Acts 27 that is, sailing along with Paul and the crew that was suddenly hit by the Strong Winds of Euroclydon.
The South Wind has put us into a State of Tranquility as the people on that ship. We are not discerning the times and Seasons of Judgment. We’ve become a shift blame generation that will not take any responsibility for our sinful actions. We are always full of excuses and pointing the finger away from us. We are blaming the devil for the Judgment Hand of the Lord. In Jeremiah 8:7-8, it reads, “Yea, the stork in the heaven knoweth her appointed times; and the turtle and the crane and the swallow observe the time of their coming: but my people know not the judgment of the Lord. How do ye say, We are wise, and the law of the Lord is with us? Lo, certainly in vain made he it; the pen of the scribes is in vain.” Jeremiah cried out to a corrupt and hypocritical generation, who became deceived while studying the word. He declared to them that the birds of the air know their season to migrate and they are of the animal kingdom who don’t have understanding as humans, yet you have intelligent human minds and claim to know My word and My ways and write with your pens all about Me, but you do not recognize My Judgment. The Lord’s Hand of Judgment is hard and heavy upon this nation at present. All the destructive weather we are having, tornadoes, and hurricanes are God’s Weather Judgments upon this nation. The people of Jeremiah’s time said, “We are wise, and the law of the Lord is with us?” In essence, they were saying, we have the Word and Truth of God. The Lord declared through Jeremiah, “You have rejected My true and pure word and there is no wisdom in you”. They responded, “We are the wise men of the word.” Yes, these foolish scholars of the word were deceived and only took from the word what was convenient for them—only what made them feel good. They were in the “Feel Good South Wind" that kept them tranquil and everyone that listened to them fell into the same trap of the South Wind—tranquilized into “Soul Sleep.” A tranquilizer is a medicine that is administered to keep us calm and serene. It is truly a "False Peace" created by the tranquilizer itself. It numbs your awareness to what is happening—situations, circumstances around you cannot be discerned. It puts its victims into the spiritual gear of “Soul Sleep.” Many in the Body of Christ have been tranquilized with many good words, prophecies, success conference, video games, TV, Internet, movies, games, shopping malls, etc. In Acts 27, we read that when the South Wind blew softly, supposing that they had obtained their purpose, pulling and sailing close to Crete, they became self confident. That’s where many Good Americans and the Church are today. This is a "DANGEROUS PLACE" to be.
In Acts 27, it further reads, but not long after there arose against it a Tempestuous Wind, called the Euroclydon Wind which is a very Strong Northeastern Wind with Disastrous Forces. They got caught off guard while tranquilized by the calm, quiet, serene South wind. Church, we cannot afford to get caught off guard personally, as a church or as a nation. About two months ago, on a Sunday night, we had planned after service to have a special dinner with our children. But as I left the church the Holy Spirit instructed me that I would not be able to eat, but rather go on a fast. It was not easy to tell the host that after all that wonderful food preparations, I was not joining them for supper, but instead, sit at the table with them, and share a glass of water. As I sat there, the Holy Spirit made me aware that only one parent was eating with the children and immediately I knew that one parent was going to be taken out. What a disturbing thought! I said, “Lord God, no, which one?” He said “Your husband, their father!” Immediately I shoved that negative thought aside and said to myself, I will think no such thing, thoughts like this cannot be from God, but down deep inside during that dinner time, the thought kept coming—to pray and fast that there was danger right around the corner.
The next day, Josè said, “I think I should join you on this fast. I don’t know what you’re fasting for, but I feel I should join and support you, after all I’m the head of this home.” So we continued on the fast together. Late afternoon, the next day, Josè came to me and said; “I’m so hungry and feel released from this fast.” So I responded, “Let me take you to your favorite restaurant for your favorite soup to break the fast, but he quickly said, “No, I don’t want to eat alone, but I want you to eat with me,” So in order to keep the peace, I gave in and off we went to eat. He had just finished his soup while my food was being delayed, when all of a sudden he got nauseated and said, “I’m so dizzy” and then suddenly, with almost no warning he fell back in the chair. I knew immediately that he was having a heart attack, and I thought, “Oh, my God, he quit breathing” and I knew he was gone. This would be the first of "Three Heart Attacks" that evening. I knew my husband was gone, but I was not going to let him go. I tried to talk to him, revive him and no response. I was praying with all my might and Calling Upon The Name Of Jesus for help when the Holy Spirit instructed me to command his spirit to come back unto him. People in the restaurant were milling all around me frantically saying, “What’s wrong? Do we call an ambulance or should we call 911?” But I was speaking life into Josè’s ear and praying for mercy and grace and thinking, “My God is this a dream? Is this truly happening?” To my surprise, within a few minutes, his eyes opened and he said, “Did I fall asleep?” I said, “Josè you had a heart attack, something awful happened and you did not go to sleep, but I think you died.” My God, I thought, he did not even know what had hit him. One moment we are talking across the table and the next minute he is gone!
The Tempestuous Wind of Euroclydon Had Hit Our Lives Suddenly and now, for the next three hours or so, his life would lie in the balances. He had a total of three heart attacks and died one more time through this ordeal and God brought him back each time. After the first attack, I asked him if he wanted to go to the hospital emergency room, but he refused to go, and said that he was ready to meet Jesus if God was calling him home. Our oldest daughter tried her very best to change his mind, but he was very adamant about not going, so we left him alone. The prayer warriors began to arrive at our home and the men were praying, warring and crying out to God for their Pastor’s life. None of us had any medical experience, but "Holy Spirit Led”, they took turns massaging his chest hoping to keep his heart pumping. Each attack would last from 45-50 minutes and then he would stabilize. During one of the attacks, he became totally blinded in a state of darkness and could not see. He was in the "Valley Of The Shadow of Death” but His Rod and Staff Comforted Him. (Psalms 23) My beloved friends, all I can say, it was the most horrible experience my children and I ever experienced. All of us wept and cried, the children wept and cried out for their Dad’s life, the Church cried out for their Pastor, and I wept and refused to let my husband go and Our Lord Heard Our Cry! About 10 minutes of 8 o’clock he was lying in the bed surrounded by the Strong Prayer Warrior Men of United Intercessors, when the "Third Attack" hit him.
As I looked on from the living room I knew that this “One” was going to take him. The Holy Spirit said, “Quickly climb up on the bed with him.” I thought he was going to tell me to lie across his body as protection from the "Death Angel" that had come to take his life. But rather, the Holy Spirit said, “Speak unto him and penetrate his consciousness and tell him to GET UP AND FIGHT!" Now, how do you tell a man having a heart attack, who is weak, suffering, and in pain and semi-conscious to get up and fight, but I obeyed and said firmly, “Josè, you’ve got to get up and fight; you can’t lay here. This position on your back is a position of defeat.” So I DEMANDED, “Get Up And Walk!” You see, SOMETIMES FAITH HAS TO DEMAND! Speak to the Mountain, I thought as I looked around the bed and saw those precious brothers and our oldest daughter present and said to them, “Help Me Get Him Up.” Some looked at me puzzled. Others looked scared and appeared to be helpless, but I ALSO SAW A DEEP DETERMINATION OF FAITH THAT NIGHT IN THEM. They were Young Men and Women, but with Great Courage and Confidence in their Mighty God. It was as if they were saying, “We’ve talked about faith and heard it preached for years, and now is the time to EXERCISE THAT FAITH! We have to move forward and Trust In God Together For The VICTORY! Imagine all of us under this intense storm of the “Heart Attack.” It was like a vicious storm that hit suddenly that evening. I again repeated and said, “Help me get him up” as I took him by his shoulders and began to pull him up off the pillow. They helped me get him up on the side of the bed and put his weak legs and feet on the floor. Now, the Holy Spirit said, “put one man on each side of him, and support him under his arms.” All I knew at that moment was, this was it, and he was going to LIVE or DIE! Church, he did not take, but seven (7) feeble steps, do you hear me? Then our God swooped down with HEALING in His Wings to meet us in that room and let us know that He was with us and still doing mighty miracles. The Assignment of Death was Broken, Faith had Conquered, and the Grave had been Denied. The “OVERCOMER” had been birthed in Josè. He immediately broke into Shouts of Joy and Laughter! He turned around and gave me a big hug. He came walking out of the bedroom into the living room where everyone was praying, and wailing and I remember someone saying “To God be the Glory!” Then, our youngest daughter began to play the piano, and we all sang, To God be the Glory for the things He has done, by His blood He has saved us and by His power He has raised us, to God be the Glory—the Euroclydon Storm had come to a calm and a still. Josè sat and talked with the brethren present and then he went to bed that night and rested.
For the next 72 hours, God said to guard him with constant prayer. We posted the praying people outside of our bedroom door every hour on the hour. Just as a nurse is posted round the clock for those in hospital intensive care, Jesus, as a nurse was posted outside our bedroom door for the next 72 hours—never leaving us. On the third day, we were driving along and all of a sudden, I felt this surge of power coming from Josè. For the past three days, I had observed and felt the weakness of his body from the tremendous battle he fought. Now sitting next to him, I felt his strong strength again as he used to be before the attacks. Immediately, before I could say anything, he said, “Hilda, I feel strong and myself again.” We both started rejoicing in the Mighty Lord Jesus who had healed him and spared his life. I looked at the clock on the dashboard and it was exactly 5:30 p.m., exactly 72 hours from the attack. Three days to the hour, Resurrection Power had Saved My Husband and Co-Laborer with me in the Gospel. Since then he has had to overcome a blood clot in his leg and prayer brought him through again. Also, fluid built up around his heart, and again and again, the Power of God Touched and Healed Him—Jehovah Ropha the Healer came through each time. The word got around in our area about his attack and a concerned Christian Physician called several times and finally Jose agreed to see him, just for a check up. But, before I share that thought, one day after the attack, he got up and said his back was hurting and thought he needed an adjustment. He went to see the Chiropractor for the adjustment, but also shared with him about the heart attack. The Chiropractor said, “I’m so glad that you told me, because I cannot adjust you—that could be very dangerous in your condition.” He further said, “Normally, I don’t ever do this, but I’d like to take your blood pressure and listen to your heart.” He said, I’m not a Doctor or Cardiologist, but Your Blood Pressure Is Up.” His very words were, “big man, your heart does not sound good, don’t let money get in the way—get to a Cardiologist immediately and don’t waste any time.” Immediately, on that report the Intercessors began to Pray. Then, the Christian Physician called several weeks later but since our faith walk began years ago, it has not allowed us any medical insurance. We absolutely could not afford any medical bills, but God who is merciful and kind raised up (with the help of friends) these two wonderful, caring and loving men, one a Doctor and a Cardiologist to do the necessary, expensive check-up and testing needed that we could never have afforded. His Heart was found to be in Perfect Order, NO Blood Clots and NO Clogged Arteries! Prayer, Diet, God’s Goodness and Mercy have brought us through! My dear ministry friends, we had been through the storm! Paul said in Acts 27:22, “And now I exhort you to be of good cheer: for there shall be no loss of any man’s life among you…” and in John 16:22, it also says, “In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”
God had prepared me to be "My Husband’s Personal Prayer Warrior" to help Defend Him from the attack of the “Death Angel Hunter.” On the Friday before the attack, God had also prepared other People of Faith to Stand With Us. The Lord had instructed Josè on the Friday before the attack to pick up Smith Wigglesworth’s book; The Standard, (who by the way is one of Josè’s Spiritual Heroes of Faith apart from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) and he had the book in his library and read the entire book. On that same Friday, one of the Warrior Men, (who stood around his bed) had been prompted to go to a local Christian bookstore and buy that same book, The Standard, by “Smith Wigglesworth” and read it. God Working Behind the Scenes had Prepared Us for the Storm. The Death Angel came to take my husband out, but our God said different—“He will stay until I say I’m ready for him.” The Five Warrior Men that stood by his bed fought the "Good Fight Of Faith" will never be the same again! All the women that wailed for his life will always be remembered as the “Wailing Ready Women Of Prayer.” His four children who never left his side will take the legacy of a "Miracle Working God" on to the next generation. They saw the Miracle Working Power of Healing come down in that room, not only witnessed it, but were a part of that battle against the death angel. It is so important that we not be tranquilized by the things of this world, and be caught off guard. The “Hunter” with the slaughter weapon is looking for someone he can target and suddenly hit. There are "Spiritual Dangers" all around and the “Hunter” with Death Angel Judgment is on the loose; therefore, we must be discerning and prepared with the Whole Armour of God. Several months prior, before the attack, the Lord had shown me that Josè’s life was in danger and spoke car accident. Many of the Prayer Warriors joined me in prayer for him. The day of the heart attack, if we had been delayed on the road before getting to the restaurant fifteen minutes longer, Josè would have had that heart attack behind the wheel with me in the car—God will "Spare Us" many things because of the Blood of Jesus and Prayer. When we pray, God Hears, and Prayer Changes Things. We must pray that we the Modern Day Church be aroused from the "Tranquil State" we are in and Wake-up, that we not be caught off guard and unawares of the "Season of Judgment" and Signs of the Times. To God Be The Glory! Thank you so much for reading this message. If you would like to make a copy or copies of this newsletter, you are welcome to do so. Make sure your copy is in its entirety and the message should not be changed. Judgment messages are very serious and those declaring them carry a big responsibility.

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