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A Prophetic Word From Hilda

Prophetess hilda arredondo

Prayer For Our Nation, President And Leaders

Dear Praying Friends, In 1980 a stirring came to my life that I had to do something for the Lord. During that stirring we moved to precious Louisiana.  I was a wife, mother and worked a full time job.  As I grew in the Lord the “Call To Prayer” became more intense.   By 1983 I just knew that I had to get out of the work field completely.  There were times that I would be at work and the desire to pray and just be with the Lord was so strong. Occasionally I would have to go the ladies bathroom and put my head in the corner of the wall, the one furthest away from all the offices as I prayed and wept because of the strong desire to serve God. 

In 1983 I made the exit out of my job and have worked for God in the prayer ministry for over 30 years praying for Revival in America, Israel, the lost and many other needs. Right after I quit my job I went straight into a life of prayer. There were many times I prayed for at least 8-12 hours a day or more!  When I felt that something was wrong in the spirit, the Lord would have me pray for our President and Leaders of the United States. At that time Ronald Reagan was President and was in office from 1981 to 1989. During those years the Lord would wake me from a sound sleep to get up and pray in the night watches because of “Danger” alerts. Other times I would not go to bed or sleep at all, but rather stayed up and prayed till the wee hours of the morning.  “But we prayed to our God and guarded the city day and night to protect ourselves.” Nehemiah 4:9. 

I knew it was important that we pray in the “Unity” of the faith. In obedience to the Holy Spirit I reached out to the churches in my community and approached the Pastors, asking them first for permission to pray with one or several Intercessors from their churches. The ladies and I faithfully came together to pray for our Country, the President and its Leaders. I had found favor with those precious Pastors and was so grateful, that for the next 25 years I had “Special Prayer” coverage for them. I even sent a letter informing them that we were lifting them up in prayer.  

As I continued to pray the Holy Spirit spoke to me that there was a "Sneak Attack" being planned against the United States--just like Pearl Harbor. As the days went by and we prayed at the monthly meetings for the Leaders of our Country and President Reagan, the "News" broke forth.  President Reagan discovered that Russia and Cuba were planning a missile attack against the United States.  Immediately he took His authority and brought that "Planned Attack" to naught and America was spared!  We are thankful to the Lord because that day, you and I were spared too!  I am positive that at that time there were many other Holy Men/Women of God praying and because we obeyed and prayed--America was spared! To God Be The Glory for Answered Prayer! Prayer Changes Things! "…The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective." James 5:16.  

God's People Prayed And Obeyed
It is very important to pray for our Nation. Prophetess hilda arredondo has rallied people since the 80’s to come together in prayer for our Country, President and Leaders. The following is a list of some of the prayer requests that National Divine Connection sent out during that time. 

October 15, 1984: November Elections
This coming month of November is election month. United Intercessors feel along with you that it is an important event in the making of our nation. I would encourage every intercessor to pray daily formation and those in authority.  Pray for our spiritual leaders in our churches. Pray for God’s strength, knowledge and wisdom in all their endeavors.

November 15, 1984:
We give God the Glory for raising up a righteous president over America.  Our prayer troops stood faithful month after month asking God to spare America and not to give her over to unrighteous rulers. I firmly believe that the presidential election victory is due to the many prayers and supplications uttered by God’s intercessors in Louisiana and throughout the nation. We thank Almighty God and give him the glory for giving us a righteous president to rule America. We thank God for the unity of prayer in the Lafayette community for nation and know in our hearts that God is pleased with the effort of unity in prayer. Thank you my beloved sisters. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

January 3, 1984:
This Supreme Court is made up of nine judges who are appointed by the president and serve for life. These judges decide if the laws are constitutional. They settle arguments between the states and cases involving the federal government. They are also guardians of the right of all Americans.  As the positions are vacated by the present judges who are retiring, pray that President Reagan will move in Godly wisdom and appoint righteous judges who are after God’s heart in all judicial decisions. (2 Sam. 23:3)

August 3, 1985: Authority
Pray for all those in city, state and national government positions.  Pres. Reagan, VP Bush, Congress members, Senate members, Supreme Court judges, Governors and Mayor’s. Pray that they come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and that the righteousness of God reign in their hearts. (1Timothy 2:1,4)

April 28, 1987:
Pray For A Righteous President. 2 Chronicles 22 talks about Jehoshaphat, a God-fearing leader who knew the ways of God.  This nation was surrounded with all kinds of evil and so he began to fast and pray and seek God for direction, not only did he pray, but he called all the people to prayer and fasting. Because of his Godly leadership and understanding of the word of God, the nation was miraculously spared from the plots of the enemy. Today, we need the same kind of leadership for our nation.  We need a president with a sound and moral track record who loves God and will lead this nation back to righteousness. 

March 30, 1988:
Pray For A Righteous President. Let us pray that God will raise a man who is morally sound, stable, honest, courageous and lead our country by Christian example. Raise a man that can lead this country back to God and righteousness according to biblical principles. “With good men in the authority the people rejoice, but with the wicked in power, they grown.” Proverbs 29:2

June 30, 1988
Pray for Ronald Ragan, President Of the United States.  (1Timothy 2:1 –2,4)

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